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Accept Card and LankaQR Code Payments in your store. One System, One Service Provider and One Contract to manage all payment acquiring needs. For cashless payment processing at every point of sale, we offer a wide range of latest generation industry-specific solutions: FREE mobile application, standalone POS machine and integration with your existing POS machines.

About LankaQR Payments

LANKAQR code is the standardized quick response code introduced to Sri Lanka by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka, based on the “EMV® QR Code Specification for Payment Systems. EMV is a technology toolbox that enables globally interoperable secure payments across face-to-face and remote environments which LankaQR has conformed to these international standards. EMVCo is collectively owned by American Express, Discover, JCB, Mastercard, UnionPay, and Visa, and focuses on the technical advancement of the EMV Specifications. Central Bank of Sri Lanka has mandated ‘LankaQR’ for all banks and has marked 2020 – The Year of Digital Transactions and have launched a campaign called

LankaQR key benefits as a payment method

National payment system for QR Code based payments.

Lowest Transaction Costs – 0.5% ( Regulated)

It’s a more secure payment method for transacting with any JustPay enabled local bank account directly.

Inter-Operability between all Banks, Finance Companies and FinTech’s.

Transaction Fee 0.5% Regulated by Central Bank of Sri Lanka

Realtime settlement to any Cargills Bank account or to any other bank on the next business day.

Grow your business by letting customers pay with QR codes

Avoid expensive and complicated POS terminals by using QR codes to let your customers pay through their smartphones. All they have to do is scan the LankaQR code, choose their preferred payment method, and with the tap of a button the transaction is completed.

No POS terminals are necessary

Contactless payments are faster, safer, and COVID-19 friendly

Compatible with 17 Banks and Financial institutions

80% cheaper than your typical POS

It's easy to get your own All-in-One QR.

Download the Marx Merchant App and get your All-in-One mobile QR code-based POS for FREE.

Fast Bank Settlement

Get automatic settlement in real-time to any Cargills Bank account or to any other bank the next business day.

Accept in-store LankaQR code contactless payments where payments can be done by any of the 24 digital wallets in the country.

Mobile applications that are capable of reading LANKAQR

Cargills Bank

Nations Trust Bank


SDB Bank

LOLC Finance

Hatton National Bank

Bank of Ceylon

Sampath Bank

LB Finance

Seylan Bank

Union Bank

Union Bank Mobile Banking

Dialog Finance

Commercial Bank

NDB Bank


People’s bank

MCB Bank

Why Choose MarxPay

Get your own branded QR board

Reduce your overall transaction fee cost by accepting LankaQR

Run your own loyalty Program

Run powerful customer campaigns

Engage with your customers with our mobile marketing tools

Loyalty points redemption at Zero cost

Say goodbye to POS terminals and hello to LankaQR

Create an account to start accepting LankaQR-enabled payments in seconds on any device. All you have to do is enter the payment amount and it will create a dynamic code on your smartphone or tablet. Then your customer can scan it without entering the amount and pay from any LankaQR-supported digital wallet. All you have to do is enter the amount, and it will generate a QR code that your customers can scan from their preferred digital wallet to pay you apart from the static printed board

Get started at streamlining the payment process for you and your customers. You’ll improve customer experience by speeding up the checkout process and offering more payment methods. Open an account now to start accepting QR payments at your business.

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