Loyalty & Rewards

Build loyal users, and increase retention & revenue! Set up your own Loyalty Program with MarxPay for Free.

With MarxPay you can now run your own Loyalty Program at Zero investment. Our powerful data-driven loyalty and rewards platform will ensure your brand will drive growth and continuity across different sales channels. By partnering with MarxPay we will drive your loyalty program giving the customer visibility of points earned and burned from your store.

Amplify your brand affinity

Create a smarter shopping experience with your brand name on all live points

Amplify your brand affinity

Create a smarter shopping experience with your brand name on all live points

Customers Want Experiences, Not Transactions

Programs and strategies that address transactional loyalty or focus on ‘locking in’ customers—rather than truly rewarding and appreciating their loyalty—won’t cut it today…making customers feel valued and appreciated is most likely to lead to loyalty. — Emily Collins, Forrester


Source: 2017 US Mobile Consumer Report.

Would have a more positive view of a brand that delivers personalized loyalty messaging, such as points and rewards, exclusive content, and birthday and anniversary messaging.


Source: 2017 US Mobile Consumer Report.

Customers are still very interested in loyalty programs.

Get the results you need with mobile experiences customers want

What is a mobile-first loyalty strategy? It involves integrating mobile engagement into your loyalty program, primarily through SMS, MMS, Push and Mobile Wallet.


of consumers cited SMS as their preferred means of receiving loyalty messages


of consumers are interested in using their mobile device to check their points balances and redeem reward points


of adults are more likely to join a loyalty program if points and rewards are automatically updated and immediately visible on a mobile wallet


Mastercard found that customers who shop both online and offline with a specific retailer buy 250% more on average

It’s a Win Win

Brands that focus on mobile first are rewarded with access to valuable information and insights about their customers, what they like, how they behave, and where they go. You can use this rich database of customer information to create personalized, relevant and timely communications that delight and attract new customers, and deepen engagement with your brand.

Whether you have a successful loyalty program in place, or you are in the process of developing a new program, mobile based loyalty programs should be a key part of your long-term loyalty strategy.

For Customers

Make your loyalty program accessible anytime, anywhere

Give customers the relationship they want

Deliver a complete digital experience

For Merchants

Increase footfall to your store for loyalty points earning & redeeming

Get benefited by having a open loyalty points redeeming program at your store

Run effective promotional campaigns for redeeming points

All redeemed points will be at Zero transaction cost

Measure both behavioral and emotional loyalty

Increase conversion rates and customer spend

How to set up your Loyalty Program with MarxPay

Customer retention and repeat sales are ensured when you reward your customers for their purchases. You can create a rule based on spending as given below,

  • For every 100LKR spend customer received one point which is equal to One Rupee
  • For every 200LKR spend customer received one point which is equal to One Rupee

The rule will be applied to both LankaQR and for Marx POS payments. When payments are done customer Marx points wallet will get updated in real-time with your branding.

New customers will be automatically enrolled in your loyalty program when the first LankaQR or Marx POS payment is done and for the existing customers, the points will be visible in their Marx app.

Enrol in our Loyal Program

Redemption of Loyalty points is at Zero Cost!